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Laura Vetter – HWA Home Warranty

Account Executive

About Laura Vetter – HWA Home Warranty

Below are some key features that agents and their clients really like about HWA.

HWA Has:

* 13 Month Warranty–13 Month Coverage for the price of 12!

* No Age (of home) Restrictions

* No 30 Day Waiting Period

* HWA Vendors Only Use NEW Not Refurbished Parts

* HWA Programs (all of them) INCLUDE Refrigerator & Washer & Dryer (most programs they are add-ons)

* HWA Covers Unknown Insufficient Maintenance

* HWA Covers Unknown Pre-Existing Conditions

* RE-KEY Feature–Re-Key Up To 6 Locks & 4 Keys (agents & clients are LOVING this!!)

* FAST Customer Service (under 3 minute hold times–usually less than 1 minute)

* Vendors We Use Are Recommended By Local Agents

* HWA Plans Are Less $ Than Competitors With MORE Coverage!

* LOCAL Sales Person! (I personally take calls and help with claims if needed!)

In addition, HWA Home Warranty Of America was named Top Rated Warranty Company in America last year based on customer service and claims by .

I am here to help. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I can be reached at this email or at 813-514-3255.

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